Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 10 Post-Op: Appointment with the doc tomrrow...

Welcome to day 10. Day has gone pretty good. The only thing that is really going on is when I get up in the mornings I really cant function for an hour or two because of the severe pain my TMJ is giving me on the left side. It's getting worse and worse every day. Today, I'd say it hit an 8. Also when I swallow I am getting a sharp pain that runs just right of center on my lower jaw, into my lower teeth. It hurts.

So they called the doc for me today and his first response was, will you take Vicodin? No I'm not going to take any fucking Vicodin! I hate it when that is the first thing a doctor wants to do for you. No I don't want to be drugged up, I want you to find out what the hell is wrong with me, asshat. God bless America. So yeah, I am going in tomorrow morning to see if he can do anything for me cause I really cant get up in the mornings to sit around and wait for my skull to stop hurting.

Stay tuned til tomorrow. Maybe I can leave there with some good news. Haha, right. :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 9 Post-Op: Can my TMJ stop hurting now, please?

Day 9 is here and i have less face. Its awesome. Also I discovered today that my jeans don't fit anymore. Gonna have to try and keep the weight off once I can eat again =p

My TMJ is still bothering me, and its bothering me more during the day now, not just in the morning. It starts when I get up in the morning and it hurts a lot. Not quite sure how getting up in the mornings and going to work is going to be since it hurts most in the morning when I get up. We'll see I guess.

Looking forward to tomorrow being the last day I have to take those nasty antibiotics. Woo Hoo. One step at a time. Haha.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 8 Post-Op: Date for unwiring now set...

Today was a good day, other than my surgeon being no help at all when someone told him I was unable to eat any of the stuff they TOLD me to be eating. My TMJ has been killing me on my left side. Ibuprofen did not help it today either, I wish it would stop. And a have a molar band tearing up the left side of my tongue when I try to speak. But like I said, it was a good day. Hehe.

Went out into the outside world today. Was kinda scared at first, but then just told myself to deal with it, cause I need to get out. I went out picked up a couple of things for the White Elephant for the work Xmas Party coming up on Friday. Being out wasn't too bad, unless someone at a store kept on insisting on asking me questions, then it kind of got irritating. You can obviously see I cant speak well, and I really don't feel like talking to you, quit talking to me! Haha!

My orthodontist sent me flowers today. I'm paying them enough money, its the least they could do. LOL. And in the end, did I just end up sending myself some flowers? =p

So, I got my appointment today to be unwired. Monday at 3:30p is the big day. Though I'm kind of not looking forward to having to go to work on Monday and having to work wired up. I was kind of expecting a morning appointment and head to work afterwards, but no, apparently not. And I cant afford to take anymore time off work, so I'm just gonna go.

Here's today's pics. Less than a week to go, w00t!

Monday, December 14, 2009

By Popular Demand: The setup in my mouth

They are 4 squares wired together in my mouth. And you can kinda see the clear bite plate between my upper and lower teeth. Enjoi.

Day 7 Post-Op: One week down...

Its kind of hard to believe it's already been a week since I have had surgery. Time seems to go by fast yet slow. I guess it depends on how I'm feeling at the time. =p

I am finding that mornings are hard for some reason, it's kinda weird. I get up, I feel like crap emotionally, I cry, I get over it and carry on with the rest of my day. I really wish I wouldn't do that, but I have to I guess otherwise I wouldn't be doing it.

Grandma left a message on the phone system with the doc this morning, but they haven't called back yet >=/

I hope he calls back, cause I'd like to eat something more nutritious sometime in the near future.

Pain is pretty much non existent now which is super exciting. My TMJ area bothers me on the left side in the morning and I take a mushed up Ibuprofen for it. So far I have only needed that one Ibuprofen today. My face will start to feel tight every now and then and I'll just put an ice pack on and that will help. The two spots on my lower jaw are still tender of course, and I have a hard time not resting my head in those areas cause I'm one of those people that rests their head in their hands, a lot.

Here are today's pics. The face is still shrinking, w00t!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 6 Post-Op: Could've been better

Today definitely could have been a better day for me. I had a hard time sleeping last night so I was a little tired when I got up today. I'm having a hard time getting my antibiotics down today. The disgusting-ness of them is starting to catch up big time, they smell and taste like garbage, really garbage. After 3 tries and some tears I got the first dose down. Still have 2 to go. Ugh.

Started taking Ibuprofen today. Couldn't find it in liquid form so I started smashing the Ibuprofen horse pills I have. Which actually didn't turn out bad, the are the first pills so far I have that don't taste like crap smashed up. I just have to make sure I get them smashed up all the way or they get stuck in my teeth just like everything else so far.

Looking a little more human now that I'm looking at the 6 pictures side by side, wee hoo!

Watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail for a laugh. Then slept for a few hours after that. Felt a little better when I got up.

Took the dog for a walk while it wasn't raining.

Hoping for some good news from the doc tomorrow, so if you're reading this send me your good joo joo, cross your fingers, pray, dance in the pale moonlight, or do whatever you may do. Cause I'm not sure I can handle 7 more days like this.

Here's to a better day tomorrow.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day Five Post-Op: Can I get out now?

Hello day 5. Is it 14 yet?

Doing a little better today. My friend Nicole came by and kidnapped me last night and took me out to see the local Christmas lights and decorations. Had an awesome time. I laughed so much it made my face swell up, but it was worth it. Saw Santa's on bicycles, penny farthings, helicopters, airplanes, Harley's, in grass skirts, homemade Elmo's, Big Bird, ginormous reindeer that stretched across 4 or 5 peoples houses. It was fun. I think I'm starting to go stir crazy so it helped.

Can definitely see the swelling going down now, and you SURE CAN see the lovely bruise on my neck today. I think the muscles in my jaw are also starting to repair themselves now too. They are starting to spazz out every now and then which sucks cause they want to open my jaw, but they can't. And it kinda hurts.

My lip is still tingling off and on, and I think I'm starting to get feeling back in part of it. Hopefully it will clear up sooner than the 2-3 months they say it usually takes.

Still haven't figured out how to eat anything. Hoping to the doc will call to check on me and someone can tell him that I can't actually get any thing other than thin liquids in. Maybe he can put me in rubber bands early or something, who knows.

Looks like the sky is clearing up a bit, will have to go for a walk soon before it starts raining again. Watching Public Enemies right now. Getting my Johnny Depp fix. Haha.

Til tomorrow! New week, hoping for a better one than this last one! :)